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Adidas Superstar Sale

Adidas Superstar Sale

We just saw a black leather Shelltoe lowtop from adidas Originals with red and white trim and a neoprene inner sock release not too long ago on the Keith Haring x Run-DMC ‘Christmas in Hollis’ 80s.  Here, we have a similar arrangement on the Adidas Superstar Women, which uses red in a far more prominent fashion, which is fitting for a design that also adds a bit of wildness by way of leopard print on that added bootie.

The Adidas Superstar Men is a classic sneaker that has been released in nearly ever imaginable colorway possible. This spring, adidas has created a special pair that has interchangeable stripes which is a fun feature that people who like to match their kicks with their outfit should appreciate. Colors include red, green, yellow and blue. The rest of the shoe is pretty straightforward with a predominately white leather upper and and fresh blue detailing on the midsole, heel-tab and tongue tag.

Take two pairs of classic kicks, dress them in patent leather and 3M and what do you get? The latest drop from adidas Originals, that’s what. The shell-toed Adidas Superstar Cheap and the Stan Smith 2 are featured in this twosome, which makes use of Shale Grey patent leather for the uppers. White midsoles, liners and for the Adidas Superstar Sale, shell toes, are employed, as well. 3M detailing, which can add life to the most any sneaker, is used strategically on both shoes. These kicks may be grey, but they’re anything but subtle.

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